Lately I am seeing more and more on the world-wide web about being local.  For me this started because I greatly enjoyed the local food on Paros--the eggs were heavenly.  I have written often about the benefits of eating locally.

Now I think the economic slow down around the world has encouraged "buy local" movements.  Paros people, I know, are pulling together as never before.  Well, how about travel local?  Yes, a new internet concept has debued in Athens with the web site and is spreading to other major cities.

Their services include: 

  • Customized Experiences and Tours by Locals
  • Traditional Dinner with Local
  • Casual Meetups with General Location Overview
  • General Advice about your Destination
At this writing they have 69 locals listed under Athens and are looking for more.  Many offer walking tours and special dinners but my favourite is by Evita:  A Day with my Greek Family (€40)
We will spent the day in my hometown close to Athens (1 hour away) we will be next to the beach having cold drinks and enjoying the sun just 5 minutes away from my family's place! The name of the city is Kiato! My hometown offers a very bebautiful and breathtaking view to the sea and from the other side to some high mountains very close to it! There are also some very original villages that we can have our lunch and return to my place for a traditional Greek dinner made my mother!!!

 Or if you are the type who wants to find the late night action try Enjoy Nightlife in Athens with Kostis. 

Perhaps browse their site for good ideas and then think about doing the same on Paros.


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