This year everyone I know that is connected with Paros are re-doubling their efforts to attract visitors. Friends are posting more photos to Facebook, those who came earlier in the season are writing about the complete lack of difficulty during their visit and everyone is holding the line on price increases. 

One villa owner has started a campaign for fellow owners to offer their villas at cost to acquaintances in the off season. See  Paros, Still a Greek Paradise

Others who I don't know are helping Greece on the grander scale. Former President Bill Clinton recently visited Athens to speak to a group of prominent Greek-Americans who are establishing a fund to promote foreign investments in Greece.

Valkan beer from Santorini
However, the grandest, I think, and more importantly, one that is already up and running, is Greece Debt Free.  This organization was founded by wealthy Greek ship owner Peter Nomikos as a US charitable foundation for the purpose of buying Greek government bonds and then writing off the debt completely.  In this way one dollar in donation eliminates $10-12 of debt due to the low market prices for the bonds.  In their first month of operation they have already purchased over $3 billion in bonds.

Of course the program is open to anyone in the world and is promoted to Greece citizens as well as the Greek diaspora around the world.  US taxpayers may deduct donations from their taxes and as a registered charity they can be assured the funds are used as stated.  In fact Nomikos not only paid for the set-up he is paying all operating expenses as well.  He adds, "If you communicate this message to anyone that loves Greece, things can truly change."  From

Even small donations accepted at Greece Debt Free  
Valkan Beer from Santorini is another Nomikos product.


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