I am always intrigued by connections--some call them coincidences--that demonstrate the small world that we live in on this vast globe.  In this blog we have conveyed some of the many we have seen over the years.  Here is the latest.

logo for Visit-Ancient-Greece.com vaseIn September I acquired an excellent web site:  www.Visit-Ancient-Greece.com   This has not been publicized or promoted because I am having some programming problems with it.  Then today I discovered my home city of Portland, Oregon, USA is hosting a major exhibition called "The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece".

Wait, there's more.  In the local newspaper review of the exhibition the writer chooses an Aphrodite statue made of Parian marble to exemplify the show's "overt sexualizing with a voyeuristic touch".  Then in discussing the evolution of depictions of the human form in Greek art he mentions the Cycladic figurine that we are so familiar with.

For more about Visit Ancient Greece, marble from Paros and early Cycladic figurines in Portland, Oregon here is the newspaper article link.

2013 Update:  The exhibition will be at the Dallas Museum of Art from May 5 to October 6, 2013.  Enjoy


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