ArahovaDetailFinally summer has arrived on Paros as we have no rain or even heavy clouds in our forecast.

Also today brings the prospect of more flights to Greece from all over the world.  Hellenic Imperial Airways has announced that starting June 24 they will be flying between New York and Athens four times per week—followed by other countries later this year.  To quote from their press release:

“In phase 1, Hellenic Imperial Airways will be connecting Greece with non-stop scheduled flights to and from USA (New York), Syria (Damascus), Romania (Bucharest), U.A.E (Dubai), Morocco (Casablanca), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), United Kingdom (London), Switzerland (Geneva), Canada (Toronto- Montreal) and France (Lyon, Marseille).
In phase 2, aiming to be implemented towards the end of 2011 Hellenic Imperial Airways aims to expend its network of scheduled flights to the Far East and Australia.”

I did not find these flights in a fare search yet but they claim the rates will be competitive but more importantly to me they say:

“their planes have 217 seats in the same space that Olympic Airways formerly fit 263”

Hellenic Imperial Airways has been operating as a charter airline for over 4 years and their international flights use pilots and planes from the former Olympic Airways.

Here's to the lazy, hazy days of summer.  Hot smile


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