Having grown up in a semi-rural area of a small state, Oregon, I have always favored Buy Local campaigns as a neighbor helping neighbor effort.

Now Greece businesses are asking consumers to purchase Greece products as a way to help the overall economy.  They are launching a campaign in the supermarkets to highlight those products grown and processed in Greece.

rtomatoesKarin and I buy local whenever possible mainly for quality and flavor but we also take price into account.  Paros honey, for instance, is great, but very dear.  So we usually buy the brand that is produced on the main land.

When we are off island in the USA or elsewhere I find it difficult to choose between price and quality.  Are the farmer’s market tomatoes at 2.50 per kg going to taste better than the supermarket ones at 1.80?  What do you think?  How do you shop in your city?  Please comment.

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