As I have written before Paros has beaches of every description for every taste.  This photo is of  the largest, Golden Beach, at high season.

I call this a full service beach with wind surfing, kayaking and the like as well as food and drink on offer.  The last few years we have also seen a new service:  Asians giving low cost massages.  I have never had one but they do look like a pleasant way to break up the tedium of sun bathing.  Hot smile

But evidently the bureaucrats don’t agree, on Crete at least.  So far this year on the beaches there they have arrested 25 foreign nationals for being unlicensed masseurs.  From my own experience I know it is next to impossible for a foreigner to get a business license without even getting into the expense.

This also reminds me of the crack down on street performances in Parikia years ago.  It used to be such fun to stroll along the harbour front watching the jugglers, dancers and musicians.  Then suddenly they were gone as the police were requiring a license.  No longer was there much joy or excitement along restaurant row.  Thankfully, however, either the license edict was relaxed or the police found something else to emphasize because the performers are back, though in smaller numbers it seems.

So we will have to wait and see if the licensing foolishness infects Paros beaches or if it is like most regulation in Greece, never enforced. 

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At June 01, 2011 3:39 PM Ginger said...

My most favorite beach in Paros island is called Ag. Anargyroi, at the outscirts of Naousa. Mid July I will be there and I can't wait!


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