One of the major drawbacks to living on an island paradise is getting off island and back again with manageable luggage.  Karin and I used to travel with at least two gigantic bags each when leaving for months at a time.  But now the decreased airline allowances and increased charges for overages have severely hampered our ability to bring back necessities such as peanut butter and maple syrup.  See Back on Paros

This week the travel search site highlighted a potential solution to packing light:  Nakation.  That is travel to clothing optional or naturalist locations.  They published a survey that indicates 2% of their respondents booked a naked vacation just to avoid paying hefty baggage charges.

We do live simply here on Paros.  Maybe we should carry it a strip, I mean a step, further.

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At September 05, 2010 7:41 PM Anonymous said...

Sounds like people will just be bring along the "bare" necessities, lol. Very cool blog, and thanks for dropping by toemail!


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