We are always on the look out for articles and books about Greek island life.  There was a new book out last June but I missed the “virtual book tour” whatever that is.

One reviewer had this to say: “When I agreed to read and review Cafe Tempest: Adventures on a Small Greek Island I did not know it was an expat slice of life read in the voice of a main character who, among other things, is writing about yoga mantras. Had I known that, I’d have rejected the book out of hand, thinking it yet another “me and my feelings in a land of wacky, colorful locals” story. And that would have been a shame because, what do you know? I rather liked this book.”

Read more from this reviewer here or read more at the publisher’s site here  Or USA readers can use the link below on the left for Powell’s Books and Europe readers can use the one on the right for Amazon U.K.

If anyone has read this book, please comment here.


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