If you are a true Paro-phile you will enjoy watching this video for the high quality video of Paros scenery.  Warning:  it is over 20 minutes long.

It reminds me of watching an old Madonna movie, Body of Evidence, because it was full of scenes from our home town of Portland, Oregon.

Anyway this video was done by a group of students from the School of Informatics of Indiana University.  Their objective was to document the connection between agriculture and tourism on the island of Paros.

Search this blog for more of my comments about the food and drink of Paros.  Now my slogan of Do it better on Paros can be Eat better on Paros!

Φαγητό του Παρελθόντος: Τροφή για το Μέλλον / Food of the Past: Nourishment for the Future from Parosweb on Vimeo.

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