Ragoussis The new Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, has appointed his “old confident” Yannis Ragoussis as Minister of the Interior—also of Decentralisation and e-Governance, whatever that latter is.

Besides being a local Parian, Ragoussis is better known for his approximate five years as Paros Mayor.  His election threw out a long-term administration and brought in many reforms.  He was quite popular and was known for accomplishing many improvements in island facilities and administration.  Although our new airport and Parikia by-pass road seemed to die during his watch.

Its interesting that he is in charge of decentralisation in a Socialist government.  In my experience leftist governments are strongly the opposite.  Maybe it is political double-speak.  We shall see.

Ragoussis is also described as a senior party member and has served as a minister in former PASOK governments.  I am sure it will serve Paros well to be so well connected.


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