Hmm, where to go for a Sunday outing today?  Well, friends had told us about a big “hole” in the rocks on the very southern tip of Paros.  This shows on the map as Cape Fanos; there are no roads there.

Tripiti So we parked our scooters at the end of the road to Tripiti Beach then headed across a farmer’s goat pasture and up the hill to the cape.

As we looked back at the beach we saw a group of about eight senior citizens (that’s about all you see around in late September) enjoying the beach and snorkelling.  It looked tempting but we were on a mission so we kept trekking along the goat trail across rough rocks.

CapeFanos We skirted a few high cliffs that had Karin on edge.  He he. Then in the distance we saw what looked like a cave but with sunlight beyond.

Sure enough as we got closer we saw first an indentation in the hillside that turned out to be a big hole.  There were numerous caper bushes growing around the edges but I am sure no one would be interested in picking them.


This photo shows the hole side of the arch that we saw from the westerly shore.  In effect the hole was a cave that caved in.

Its always a joy to discover something new on a Sunday walk.

(Don’t forget you can click on the photos to see them more clearly.)

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