This week Karin and I are trying to enhance the stay of two guests who had their plans thrown awry by the ongoing difficulties with Olympic flights. In deciding what to serve for breakfast Karin couldn’t remember what was considered a “Greek breakfast”. So she did what we always do when a question arises: Google It.

It turns out she couldn’t remember because the answer is None. Or as another blog put it: The Greek Non-Breakfast

breakfast The writer there explains that traditionally the Greeks would have a quick cup of something warm like tea and then pack up some cheese, olives and bread before heading off to work. Now we always see the Greeks around a pastry shop between 10 and 11 A.M. The big meal is about 2 P.M. followed by quiet time until 6. At least that is typical on our little island.

So we served the popular favourite: yoghurt, fruit and honey with local, fresh-baked bread and coffee. The Americanised version of a Greek breakfast--except the Greek yoghurt is much richer.

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