More writing, in fact we did three versions of Karin's account of our recent visit to Syros in order to have "orginal content" for different web sites. So the ideas and orginal draft are Karin's; the using different words to say the same thing are Michael's.

Getaway from Paradise

Although we live on Paros, the Greek island with something for everyone, on occasion we explore other areas of Greece. This April we decided on the nearby island of Syros. It was a blustery day yet an easy crossing with the wind at our backs. We relaxed on the ferry and watched Paros recede into the past and Syros appear in our future!

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At May 05, 2007 2:18 PM gjay said...

Paros, the Greek island with something for everyone, wow.
Is there anybody who could recommend some nice accommodtion in Naoussa for two people early july, we are early sixty's. much appreciated.


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