Karin and I have been busy writing. She is going to be in the June issue of a new magazine, The Real Greek Islands. I will report on that when it hits the news stands.

I have written an article about the renaissance in quality wines from Greece for a site called World Food and Wine. Here is the opening:

Explore Greek wines -- A Whole New World

The 2007 slogan for Greece is “Explore your Senses”. That especially applies to their food and wine. The taste is enhanced when you are also treating your eyes and ears to the sights and sounds of a local taverna.
Read more . . .

For the same site I also talked about some of our eating experiences over the years. Here is an excerpt:

What I have written about Greek wine is even truer of Greek food: the taste is in the place. Take the simple dish of yogurt, fruit and honey—very refreshing for breakfast or lunch on a warm day. The visitor tries it at a village or harbour front cafĂ© in Greece—“ooh, this is so good and I can make it at home because our local delicatessen carries Greek style yogurt.” Wrong! The hapless visitor returns home to find the yogurt is not really the same, nor do the honey and the fruits have the same strength of flavour.
Read on, the rest may be more interesting . . .

Don't forget our full service Paros web site for everything you want to know about Greece and its islands.


At April 30, 2007 10:08 PM Wind said...

Hi Michael - I didn't realise that you and your partner are writers! If I have a chance to go to Greece, I know where to ask for advices. It's a shame that the theme for Greek this year is about food and wine as I'm not planning to visit. Thanks for sharing thou! :)

From Windy's Food Corner


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