My first thought when asked about oil and gas prices that are currently going through the ceiling was, Oh hum, so what? That is because I live on a small island and drive an older, manual shift motor-scooter. A 5 euro tank full lasts me more than a week; yet it was a 3 Euro tank full when I first came here a few years ago.

I saw a news headline that said California was over $3 per gallon the same day I read an Italian blog that said fuel there was $6 per gallon. So I did a few calculations converting litres to gallons and euro to dollars and came up with just over $4 per gallon here on Paros, Greece. So the world oil economy is not uniform yet. I wonder what gasoline is in Russia where they produce crude oil faster than they can transport it?

Yes, even on our island paradise we have to look at the big picture. When we first moved here many friends and relatives visited and we could come and go through out Europe for relative small amounts. Sometimes airfare between Athens and London was as low as 50 euro (then $60). Now we have fewer visitors and tourism is down mainly due to the higher cost of airfares, which of course are high because of fuel costs—not to mention security costs due to instability in oil-producing regions.

So my long term answer is to spend more time in virtual travel on my computer and less time burning up the highways and air lanes. Of course I have the advantage of modern batteries, wi-fi and VOIP to continue my work-at-home on the beach.

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At May 01, 2006 3:20 PM Chana said...

Alberta is a oil rich. We have surpluses into the trillions and yet we are paying $1.09 per liter too. Our govt saw it fit to give each one of the provinces residents a $400.00 bonus to enjoy the oil profits and there is talk of another round soon (yeahhhh) but we are not immune to getting robbed at the pump...


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