Greece is ever so slowly bringing their laws and culture into the modern times of the European Union. This note is from the news of a few weeks ago:

Lawmakers yesterday approved legislation allowing for the cremation of the dead to take place in Greece for the first time in country's history.
The law permits the cremation of people who request this method instead of burial as long as their religion also allows it.

The law still forbids the act for Orthodox Christians. The Church of Greece opposes cremation for believers, arguing that Orthodox traditions only allow for burial.

Another interesting matter is that sincecemeteryy space is at such a premium it is not uncommon in Greece to rent the plots for three years and then exhume whatever remains for placement in a common storage space called an ossuary. We have heard that some rural people rebury the bodies on their farms.

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At April 28, 2006 7:24 PM Chana said...

that was pretty interesting, i had no idea that some countries didn't allow cremation...have a good day.


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