Kalo Mena! That's Greek for Happy New Month. It is common here to wish Happy this and Happy that especially anything new like a year, month, week, day, drink.

May Day is celebrated by gathering wildflowers and weaving them into a wreath to hang over your front door. Last year our neighbor had a particularly pretty wreath, but I think she cheated by using flowers from her garden.

We picked these statice flowers today at our favourite beach--Agri Irini.

Now I can look forward to what happens to the wreaths on June 23, St. John's Eve while you, dear reader, must wait in suspense until then.

A political aside: I find it interesting that May Day has purely pagan origins in the celebration of spring, but now has evolved into a labor holiday for promoting leftist ideals.

This ship anchored off our south point yesterday. This happens a few times per year but we never know why. In winter it could be shelter from a storm; now it may be for the National Holiday. Once one was there for a couple weeks and the coffee-shop scuttlebutt was that it was waiting parts for repair. These ships are pretty at night.


At May 02, 2006 5:29 PM Chana said...

Well in that case: Kalo Mena!!


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