Kolimbithres Beach is one of my favourite places to relax and it has been a consistent hit with the art groups that we take there.  There are two good tavernas and one not so good.  We have had excellent fish at H Vigla but for a casual beach lunch we usually go to Anemos.  I have found the people at the Fish-Taverna Kolimbithres seem to not like non-Greeks.

At Anemos you frequently see a bright macaw parrot perched in the trees.  I thought it belonged to the owners until I met it and its owner at the water ski facility.  I went there after hours because I had earlier misplaced my eye glasses and hoped someone had turned them in.  The man there, his dog and his parrot all turned out to help me look again along the beach.  I was ready to quit before he was and when I got in the car an idea hit me.  I called home and sure enough I had put my glasses inside my shoes that I had not put back on.  I apologised to the man for wasting his time and praised his lifestyle.

Now that I see this video I envy his life even more.  http://upi.com/6271850t
Sorry, I can't embed the video but here is a clip from it


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