CorfuResortIn the past we boasted that Paros was blessed with very few package tours and large hotels.  Rather it was the island of preference for independent island hoppers.  We looked down on the likes of Rhodes and Corfu and their mass tourism.

Then last year overall visits to Greece were up while visits to Paros were down; the result, we understand, of tour companies lowering their prices for packages.  Rhodes and Corfu were doing O.K.; Paros was hurting income-wise.

Now I was quite interested to see the following on the Corfu Selections web site:

“. . . supports and promotes small family-run businesses, putting them in touch with independent travellers who would like "A taste of Corfu" sometimes otherwise undiscovered in a market where larger hotels and all-inclusive packages have become the main focus of Corfu tour operators.”

These are my kind of people even if they are competing for the same clientele.  I have heard good things about the green (as in the abundant vegetation not the the environmental buzz word) island of Corfu and would like to visit.  Using this site I will undoubtedly have a better experience than staying at an all-inclusive resort hotel.



At March 31, 2012 5:18 PM Lesley Ann Hoy said...

Dear Michael, Thank you for your kind comments concerning my website Corfu Selections. I, like yourselves, am an expat, from London England and now,living in Corfu. I continue to support & promote via my site the small family run businesses, including accommodation, car hire, and other holiday services trying to offer 'the real Corfu' mainly to the independent traveller but also try to provide unbiased information to all visitors. And yes you won't find 1 All-Inclusive hotel on my site. Wishing you and all in Paros a happy and hopefully busier summer for 2012, Lesley Ann Hoy, Owner Corfu Selections.

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