rtomatoesI have written many times about the benefits of eating locally produced food and the generosity of our Greek neighbors in sharing their excess.  Now in the spirit of the difficult times in Greece and Paros many farmers are increasing their plantings and herds and making their home grown products more widely available.

This is from Paros Web:  (There are more photos there.)

“Matheo & Maria are local Parian farmers cultivating on their own grounds at the seaside area of Piso Aliki. They produce various vegetables & fruits, some of which are available for sale according to the season. Matheo & Maria run their own farm for their family's needs, and they don't use any kind of chemicals on any of their products.

At Matheo & Maria's farm you can buy pure Greek Olive Oil pesticide-free all year round – now offered at reduced price. Also available for sale – Fresh Potatoes (available most of the year, according to the season.)”

MatthiasSheep4The first photo is some of their tomatoes and peppers photographed by Karin on our veranda.  The second photo, also by Karin, could be taken every spring as we watch the lambs play and grow until most of them disappear just before Easter.

If you would like to rent a bucolic villa in Aliki that includes olive oil and other products from the surrounding fields, please email me with your preferred month and number of people in your party.

More at Olive Oil & Mushrooms -- Eat local

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