NetDanceI have written before about our healthy lifestyle on Paros.  Now there is a scientific study about longevity on Ikaria.  It’s percentage of residents over 90 is 10 times the European average.
The study was wide-ranging so did not come to any absolute conclusions but pointed out what the older islanders did versus their younger relatives and the rest of the world.  "Fish, fruit, vegetables, legumes and tea shield the cardiovascular system. Moreover, daily use of olive oil is beneficent to sexual activity and, if added to the moderate consumption of coffee in the afternoon 'siesta', form the ingredients that may compose the secret of longevity," the researchers said.
Of course they also throw in that genetics and physical activity may have something to do with it.

The only conclusion I draw is that you can not pick any one factor as the solution to a long, healthy life; it takes an integrated lifestyle.  More on this theme of Live Long & Prosper
The photo is by Karin taken in Parikia Sunday evening.


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