Believe it or not, all good things come to an end; that includes our paradise on Paros.  Karin and I have decided that our needs and desires have changed.  So we are moving on to greener pastures literally and figuratively.

Hopefully we can carry on the lessons learned about integrated lifestyle from the previous post as we change the Greek taverna for the Prague pub.  I have initiated a new web site to go along with the change:  Please take a look.


As you will see on the new site we will not be abandoning Paros.  I will continue posting in this blog as items of interest to grecophiles come to my attention.  I will continue to host workshops and market private villa rentals, actually expanding this to include holiday homes around the world.

Our primary “home” will be moved elsewhere but we will return to Paros as often as business dictates. So please help us get back frequently by signing up for art or cooking workshops or hiring a villa by the sea, its cheaper than you think.



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