I have posted often about the many art activities on Paros.  Karin and I missed the Art Appreciation talks this year and the artist in residence at the Apothiki gallery so we made it point to go to the Stella Lubsen photography exhibition at the Monastery of Aghios Ioannis near Monistiri beach.

We were certainly glad we did and if you are on Paros before 30 June we urge you to attend.  The photographs are enlightening and the story of Gisele d’Ailly is inspiring.  Gisele is a well known Dutch artist and personality aged 99.  She is of aristocratic background and has contributed much to Amsterdam we are told.  She came to Paros in the 60’s and arranged with the church to rebuild an abandoned monastery in return for living there.  She hosted many artists and dignitaries including Stella Lubsen who has returned to Paros every year since.

WindowViewStella’s photographs show life on Paros before tourism; both the hard labour and the celebrations.  The setting of the display helps envision what life was like then even though it is now situated between a beach bar and a yacht marina.  These two photos are taken from the windows of the exhibition rooms.

Afterwards we went for lunch at the delightful Anemos taverna at Kolimbithres beach which on this day included live music.  The drinks were cold, the food good, the breezes gentle . . . the life good.


At June 23, 2011 12:09 PM Eva in Athens, Greece said...

Hello there!
Nice and interesting blog you've got!
I've made a page on my blog where I've put links to blogs from foreigners living in Greece and now I have put a link to your blog as well! Hopefully you'll get some extra readers from this page! Have a look and see if you like it!
Eva (from Sweden, living in Athens)

At June 23, 2011 12:46 PM Michael said...

Thanks, Eva.

At June 23, 2011 7:33 PM Eva in Athens, Greece said...

It's so nice pictures in your blog!
Love the one with yhe balconydoors open towards the sea...

At June 25, 2011 11:25 PM grecodan said...

As I have not been able to visit Greece for 5 years now, I rely upon yours and other blogs to get my Paros/Antiparos fix. I, too, loved the balcony shot. It reminds me of the little house I last rented on Antiparos, where I'd wake up with the sunrise beaming over my toes.

στεναγμός.... :(


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