This is an old story with a new development.  Last year we left Paros on Thanksgiving—in America, the date is nothing in Greece.  The day before we drove our scooters to the home of our American friends, Al and Ardy.  They were not only storing our bikes for the three months we would be gone, they threw in a big Thanksgiving feast as well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         So after drinks in the sun in their garden we went inside for dinner.  I took my camera in to photograph the food but left my windbreaker and camera case on an outside bench.  Later when it was time to leave I went to get them.  They were gone?  Was it some workmen from next door?  Unlikely, more likely was a neighbour's hound dog we had seen skulking around earlier.  So after much searching in the dark with flashlights, Karin and I left for Berlin and Prague with no camera case and no windbreaker.  The windbreaker did turn up the next day in a field with paw prints all over it, the camera case must be buried in someone’s yard.

The point being:  among the accessories in the case was a knockoff of a Gorilla tripod.  I had found it very handy but not gotten around to buying a replacement.  But today I signed up as a Google Affiliate for Joby, the maker of Gorilla products.  So I am now buying the real thing.  It is perfect for taking photos of yourself in any location as well as holding the camera still for night shots.  Just don’t leave it where a dog can steal it.

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At December 01, 2010 2:45 AM Evan Johnson said...

That's strange that the dog chose your camera equipment.

Maybe it had the scent of another dog or animal on it?


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