For a change in stylistic pace I quote from a recent press release:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         “Paros Hospitality located on the Greek island of Paros announces a new study abroad program featuring one week visiting the major Greece sites such as Delphi and the Athens Acropolis plus one week of educational workshops on Paros.

Michael Shepherd, Program Manager, said, “Our experience will enhance your experience to create a custom itinerary to suit your interests as well as attract students to the Greek island lifestyle of sun, sea and sport.”

The hallmarks of the program are 100% flexibility and affordable cost. The mainland itinerary with Athens as the hub is customized to suit the curriculum needs of the college. The more popular offerings on Paros include: Photography, Scuba, Sailing, Painting: Oil, Watercolor or Acrylic, Horseback Riding (in the sea) and Greek cooking.

SeaHorses1 Paros has a great wealth of experienced instructors and activities so that the program can be customized to suit the particular group. Interspersed with the fun events are guided tours of ancient and historical sites so that students personally engage with the birthplace of western civilization.

Shepherd emphasized that the entire two week package of learning, reflection and fun with accommodation, meals and transportation, excluding air fare to Greece, can be budgeted at well under 1,500 Euro per student with faculty included at no additional cost. The teacher makes the decisions; Paros Hospitality handles all logistics.

An interested college instructor only needs to provide a brief outline of places to visit and subjects to be covered. Then Paros Hospitality responds with an estimated budget. From that point we jointly fine tune the personalized Greece odyssey.  Read More

For background on Michael Shepherd and Paros Hospitality see:

For more information about Greece and the Greek islands see:     “


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