1 July seems to be a common date for new laws to take effect.  Here is a new one for Greece: 

A smoking ban went into effect throughout Greece on Wednesday,

prohibiting smoking in all enclosed spaces and public services.

The law also prohibits the sale of tobacco to and by minors, the use of tobacco products in all enclosed public spaces, airports, public transport stations and on public transport means, snack shops, etc.

I first saw something last winter about this law but had not paid attention thinking that there would be more in the news.  I have not seen anything until now.  To me that indicates that enforcement will be quite lax, as it usually is on most regulations in Greece.

Maracaibo Bar Also I do not see it making much difference on the islands.  I was here two years before I ate inside an enclosed restaurant—that was during our first winter, I admit.

Photo is of your typical smoking section on Paros.

So we will see if the passing of new laws spoils our Greek island paradise.

Facts courtesy of ANA.

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At August 10, 2009 8:58 AM tesking said...

It seems to me that non-smokers will may find it a good move!


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