Shakespeare Last night we went into Parikia for a mixture of culture and school play.  As an extension to their English language studies a group of young people, with the help of their teacher, of course, presented a series of Shakespeare excerpts.  There were sonnets and parts of plays around the theme, The Ages of Women.

The leads all did a credible job but it was obvious that some of the supporting cast was forcibly recruited.  Over all the costuming, music and presentation were well done which made it an enjoyable show.  The Elizabethan-style juggler stole the show, however.

Juggler In the advance publicity one of the players commented that as they rehearsed they understood the meanings of the English words and phrases but when they read a Greek language translation it lost meaning because of the different style of expression between Greek and English.  This cultural difference is something we experience every day.

As usual we capped off the experience with a gelato from Gelato Sulla Luna.  The pistachio was heavenly; made on the premises.  Do visit Denise there and say hello from Michael of Aliki.


At July 21, 2009 6:55 PM Andrew said...

I share the same views. Liked your blog very much.

At August 10, 2009 8:56 AM test king said...

Parikia...hmm...seems to me interesting!


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