I have written before about all the airlines in the USA that are expanding their offerings to Europe. Well last week the new international rules and agreements, called Open Skies, took effect. That allows even more flights in both directions by nearly all airlines.

That is only half the news, however. An example of the next leg was announced recently by Aegean Airlines. They will have two flights daily from London Stansted to Athens. I checked prices for June and they will be about 20 Euro cheaper on a round trip than easyJet. Not a lot, but it will keep easyJet lower than they would be otherwise, I am sure. Competition always leads to improvements.

This is shown also by the scheduled flight times. This summer it will be possible to connect between flights and ferries without an overnight stay in Athens/Piraeus. Our guests will love that.

Aegean, easyJet and other airlines also offer flights between many U.K. cities and many Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini and Crete--all an easy ferry trip to and from Paros.

So get busy on those keyboards and plan your own affordable Greek odyssey.


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