I have had a few questions about television here.

Our situation is a mixture of taste and economics. Before we left the USA we were not big TV watchers; just a few favorites and occasionally as a mind number. Then in Ireland the broadcast TV was government controlled. The main channel was mostly politics and news. The entertainment channels were low budget.

When we moved to Greece it turned out that the technical specifications were different so that we could receive the picture but the sound was garbled on our Irish receiver. So we would need a new TV and to get more than 3 or 4 English language shows per week or we could subscribe to a satellite service. We opted for neither. Our Brit friends get BBC Prime by satellite. The tavernas show anything of major interest in Greece.

We love the internet. Now we have a fast enough connection to watch TV on the computer, but don't bother much. We have a good selection of videos and DVD's and sources for more. We play cards a lot.

Oh yes, I should mention reading. My local Greek motorcycle mechanic was flabbergasted that I read 5 to 8 books per month. He indicated the most he had ever heard of was one or two books per year.

For those who want the big picture try these links.
The website in English for the main Greek language channel
Wikipedia on Television in Greece


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