Today is beautiful; cool crisp air with no moisture to hide all the Greek islands that have suddenly popped up into our view. Yesterday I snorkeled over sand instead of of the usual rocks. I saw many starfish and a medium-sized plaice type fish. That's it, not much happening here.

One of our artist friends, Hans Giesen, who I have written about before, is having a major exhibition in Chania, Crete this month. "Forty years half a stranger in the land of light" commemorates his first painting trip to Crete in 1967.

deTraci Regula's Greece for Visitors has some good material this month including a list of Charities for Greek Fire Victims.

Finally this fun fact from the Lufthansa newsletter:
The name "marathon" and the distance used today of 42.195 kilometres go back to the legend of Pheidippides. He was said to have collapsed dead after running the approx. 40 kilometre stretch from Marathon to Athens to proclaim his message "Nike, Nike!" (victory, victory).


At September 13, 2007 9:51 PM Justin said...

Hi there. My girlfriend and I attended one of the study abroad programs on Paros in fall of 2005 and actually adopted and brought back to America one of the dogs there, whose island name was Sotiris. He traveled in a pack with "Rocky," a huge Leonberger, and "Max," a dalmation/mutt. I know that Max is still alive and well, but have not managed to find any clues as to the health of Rocky. I was wondering if you had seen him around on the island recently? Thank you for your time.

At September 25, 2007 2:42 PM Paros Shepherd said...

Hi Justin,
In the summer of 2005 I operated Stavros Apts. which is right next to Jimmy's/Manoli's Apts. which is where I think you probably stayed--the Livadia Beach area.
I was quite familiar with the pack of dogs that sometimes harassed me on my motor scooter.
I hadn't noticed them this year. Sunday I finally got back to the area for a look. The only dog I saw was a white and tan that could have been a Leonberger; it was big and had a head something like a St. Bernard.



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