We had a pleasant evening Friday night. After dinner we drove into Parikia to tour the Holland Tunnel Gallery while listening to the jazz styling of Heleen Schuttevaer, a Dutch professional. The art was fine but we got more enjoyment from touring the 17th century building of which the gallery is the ground floor, sprawling living quarters above.

Next I had a gelato from my favourite vendor that I have raved about in previous blogs followed by the two of us having ouzo at our favourite in-town bar, Pebbles. We sit on the terrace and watch the ferries come and go from the black sea and the pedestrians come and go in all shapes and styles. We drove home in pleasant moonlight.

This morning we wake up to the beautiful yacht, Club Med 2 sailing into our bay. It was even more beautiful as it sailed away after dark with its floodlighted sails.

Life is good.


At September 10, 2007 8:15 PM Lyvvie said...

I live in a bay as well here in Scotland and we regularly, through the Summer, have cruise ships come in for overnights. It's quite exciting to wake up in the morning and see these monster ships.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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