Today is a quiet day for us--excluding the firecrackers frequently exploding throughout the neighborhood--because I am just recovering from what was probably the flu. That combined with traveling to Syros has caused a week without posting.

I have prevailed upon Karin to write about Syros and our visit there. So soon you should see her evocative prose and pictures.

I won't comment upon the cruise ship sinking at Santorini because I have no insights. Bad things happen to good people wherever they are.

One Paros connection that I am tardy in my reporting is Marion True and the Getty antiquities controversy. Read the background HERE, in which mention was made of exchanging her freedom for a couple of the antiquities in dispute. Sure enough it happened in March. Although no one will admit to quid pro quo, Marion is now free on bail (small enough that I wouldn't expect her to be coming back to Greece) and Greece has two more antiquities from the J. Paul Getty Museum. They are a 4th century B.C. gold funerary wreath from the Greek province of Macedonia and a much older statue of a 'kore' (young woman) made of Parian marble.

Of course Greece has more museum quality artifacts than they can display. What they are really after is return of the Parthenon Marbles--commonly called the Elgin Marbles.

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