I suppose you have all seen the news headlines about Greece banning all team sports for two weeks due to fighting after a woman's volleyball match in which one man died.

You would have to know Greek culture to understand the complications, so I will just throw out a few ideas. First it was not really about the woman's volleyball; it was a prearranged rumble/brawl between the supporters of rival clubs, Panathinaikos (Athens) and Olympiakos (Piraeus). These clubs include football (soccer) and basketball as well as volleyball.

Another factor is that the Greeks are excitable and demonstrative. I happened to be in Athens the night of the last national elections. The main streets were full of the winning party's supporters waving flags, honking horns and looking for opponents to humble. I have never seen that before. Many, many times I have seen the old men sitting around in their coffee klatches erupt into violent shouting and arm waving at each other; then a few minutes later all is quiet and smiles again.

So don't worry about the world going to hell in a hand basket. All is normal here.

I didn't have a good photo to illustrate this post. So here is an old one of some local farmers transferring sheep from a boat to a truck. Everyone is involved.

This photo is a plein air painting of Aliki Fishermen by Ron Johnson. It is not too late to register for his May workshop here on Paros. More information HERE.


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