Sometimes things get a little slow around here. We usually do one or two jigsaw puzzles a year. Somewhat of a Christmas tradition in our family. This year there was no time when we were in Oregon, but there is plentiful time here on Paros. I will say, though, we find artist's brush strokes much more difficult than photographs.

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At February 07, 2007 2:23 PM Nick said...

Great to hear about life on Paros..I found this blog yesterday, and having visited the island more than 30 times and got married there, I feel like it's my second home.

It's particularly interesting to hear about life during the winter. It's one of my ambitions to spend a whole year on the island, when work will allow me.

In the meantime, if you've got time, it would be great to see any photos of the island. There used to be a guy running a weather station in Naoussa who posted daily pictures..I check the webcams but it would be great to see other views.

Anyway - thanks for sharing your life with us...


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