While we are on the subject of work at home on the beach, or how to live and work abroad let's look an example of a Mexican dentist and his expat partner.

Every year we receive enquiries from people looking to escape from their hectic, high maintenance life styles and relocate to the slow pace of a sunny island. The big question, however, is how to pay for it. No one over 20 wants to live in a grass shack with no running water and plentiful running bugs. Most peoples' set of skills will pay for a summer season of fun, whether it is setting up a barber shop on the beach or the more typical waiting tables at a bar. It is the long, slow off season that requires some sort of off-island income.

I recently ran accross this site which should bring hope to dentists everywhere. --Doctors too, I read where medical travel is one of the fastest growing segments.

With Mexican Dental Vacation you can save up to 75%! Crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, now you can have the smile you only dreamed of, all done within your 1 to 2 week vacation, right on the beach!

That's right, you have to travel to Mexico. Mazatlan to be exact. Trust me, if you haven't been to Mazatlan, you will love your dental vacation!
To see photos of the modern clinic at the edge of the beach click Mexican Dental Vacation
O.K. day dreamers, let's get creative. How would you apply this concept to your profession. What can engineers, lawyers, plumbers, firemen, whatever, do to attract income to your piece of paradise on a small island? Please comment.

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At February 12, 2007 3:24 AM JC Skinner said...

As a durty tabloid hack, I guess I could work anywhere there were C-list celebs and scandal to uncover.
Doubt that applies to Paros, though!


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