I have been seeing a lot of excitement on the Greece tourism scene. Changes are happening at all levels.

Recently the Tourism Development Minister for the national government announced an “accelerated” program to create a 35 km bike and pedestrian way next to the sea starting at the Faliro stadium (edge of Microlimani at Pireaus) South to the upscale resort of Varkiza, that includes the length of Glyfada – thus a “grande esplanade”.

This is on top of the Greek National Tourism Organization approving 22 conference centers, two golf courses, a ski resort and eight thalassotherapy (sea water) spas over the past two years.

I have previously written about the deregulation of the ferry business. I need to write more about all the new direct flights from the USA and on to Greece. There is even talk of customer service training for employees in the hospitality industry—that flies in the face of tradition.

I got the biggest laugh, however, from an announcement by the KKE, Greece’s largest far left political party. They claimed that employees in hotels and the tourist industry were required to work "in galley-like conditions for pitiful wages." Over my years traveling in Greece I have seen a lot of employees. With one exception I have seen none over worked or in substandard conditions; the one exception are those who operate the gyros cookers in the summer—that is hot!

The KKE has also extended human rights to include “the right of working-class families to go on vacation”. What they want is the government(taxpayers) to pay for resort hotels and the like. Of course, we do that now for pensioners so low-income voters may not be far behind.

The news reports came from Athens News Agency.


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