I really love this quote from an Athens News Agency report about the Marion True/Getty Museum antiquities theft charges.

"According to Greek authorities, an unidentified number of undeclared
antiquities were found in a residence True kept on the upscale Cyclades
island of Paros. (Emphasis mine!)"

Here we thought we were living on a quiet island out of the main stream, yet maybe that explains why the food and drink prices have increased so much lately.

When we were in Portland, Oregon last month our local daily newspaper carried a story to the effect that Marion True was complaining that although the Getty Museum was paying for her defense they were not doing enough to clear her name. Also that they were not aggressive enough in trading her freedom in exchange for returning some of the antiquities to Greece and Italy. This current ANA report calls it a "reciprocal deal" that True was granted bail in exchange for two antiquities with two more still in negotiation.

We had previously written about this Paros connection in April 06, in which we wondered where True's expensive villa was. Since then we learned that we had actually gone to a New Year's party at an apartment in the compound. It was nice but not spectacular. So I conclude Paros is an every man's island, not upscale.

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