Yesterday we arrived back to a glorious day on Paros: warm, sunny and calm. Approaching the island on the ferry just before noon was so beautiful with the sun highlighting the white houses in the green fields, all framed by the blue water and blue sky. A picture of paradise.

Friends met our ferry and we drove their convertible with the top down and stuffed with our maximum luggage to Aliki. As I drove I thought about a young couple that I saw on the ferry who were touring on bicycles. What a fantastic January experience they will have on Paros.

It did get cold at night, however. As my jet lag caused me to wake before dawn I saw the street light on the field across the road and thought it had snowed. I went outside to check and was treated to a perfectly clear sky full of stars and a bright sliver of moon. It is good to be back.

There was a con, however. We missed our connection in Frankfurt and arrived on Sunday instead of Saturday; that meant no grocery stores open. We had to survive on convenience store offerings and something unidentifiable from the freezer. Oh well, I am due to diet anyway.


At January 15, 2007 7:32 PM Rashenbo said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and I hope the unidentifiable from the frozen freezer wasn't the horrid mystery meat! :D


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