I had been saving this item for next spring when I started giving people details about getting around Athens and Piraeus, the ferry port. But since I am low on posting material I will spoil the surprise for those who have been here before.

There is a new, as of early September, pedestrian overpass between the Piraeus Metro station and the Cyclades ferry quay. Hurrah!

While it will save travellers with luggage from either dodging fast moving traffic or winding through taxis stopped across the crosswalks, the main benefit will be to increase the flow of traffic into and by the port complex. Thus ending some of the traffic jams that cause those arriving by bus and taxi to arrive late.

Now the only thing Piraeus needs, in my opinion, to be a pleasant destination in it's own right is a pedestrian walkway through the port area into the attractive parts of the city such as Mikrolimano and Zea Bay. This is a distance of about 10 blocks that consists of narrow and broken sidewalks with far too many kiosks and other street vendors further blocking the way.


At November 11, 2006 12:53 AM Bloggo said...

Michael, You know what would be great? An explanation of how the ferry ticket situation works in Piraeus. Last I was there, I found it confusing, with all the different agents and such. What agent do you use and why? Can you shed some light on it here to take some of the mystery out of it?


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