This post will supplement what we have written before about harvesting olives for oil, including a program for your private label.

Three years ago there was a spread in
Greece for Visitors that includes several photos.

Anyway, on Sunday--a delightful day before the current storms hit--we spent 6 hours of physical labor raking trees and hauling olives.

Monday we went with the olives to the local press and spent an interesting two hours waiting our turn to go through the process. Our share of the crop resulted in 3 litres of all natural cold-pressed oil. It must be very premium for the effort that we put out.

The first photo should be captioned: In go the olives

The second shows what comes out of the press.

The third is the finished product ready for the bottle, or more mundanely, the heavy plastic jug.

This post is not meant as a full fledged article on harvesting your own olive oil. I would appreciate questions from anyone who would like to know more.


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