I have developed a long list of subjects to blog about but most require research and creativity--of which I am in short supply. So I will comment on this news just in from the Athens News Agency:

HANIA, 29/5/2006 (ANA)
Three Turks were led to the police station of Souda in Crete on Monday
following charges that one of them was taking photographs of Souda Bay
where there are military installations of NATO and of the Greek Navy and
where the taking of photographs is forbidden.
Found in possession of the three persons were a video camera and a camera
where there was material from the installations as well as photographs from
the city of Hania.
Of the three who were led to the police station, one was arrested but later
released on orders of the Hania Public Prosecutor after giving testimony.
The three Turks were members of a private crew who were conducting
maintenance work to the electronic systems of two ships, a Russian and
British vessel, who sailed into Souda Bay.

There but for the grace of God go I--don't tell anyone about the photo of the navy ship I posted awhile back. You may remember there were some British aircraft hobbyists jailed for a few weeks last year for taking photos of a Greece air base. It all seemed rather silly until two weeks ago when Turkish and Greek jet fighters collided and crashed less than 100 miles from our idyllic island.

I have read a lot of spy and other action adventure books. When reading newspapers I frequently see little news articles that sound like they came from one of the books I have read or more likely a novelist will incorporate into his next creation. The news clip above brings real life spying close to home.

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