Update: The above edited photo was provided by my Art Workshop partner Ron Johnson. See his real paintings on his web site: http://rjart.com/index.htm

On 24 Feb I posted about the covering of dust that the strong South winds brought in:
Paros Paradise: African Dirt

Recently a friend sent me this link for information and NASA photos of the dust storm: http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_rec.php?id=8386

On my computer the smaller view shows the dust over Africa and the larger view clearly shows Paros North of Crete. Of couse you have to know what Paros looks like. I don't know how to mark the photo to highlight it. When I have time on my hands I do want to learn a photo-manipulation program.


At March 24, 2006 7:28 PM Chana said...

it looks cool, i'm still quite amaze with all the things that are possible...

At March 24, 2006 7:59 PM Bloggo said...

Michael, I've been enjoying your blog. As for marking photos, the easiest thing is to use flickr. They allow you to add notes to parts of the photo that reveal themselves when you bring the cursor over them. Flickr is free if you don't upload too many photos per month. I don't use it myself because I just Photoshop any images I want annotate but it's worth a look.

PS. I am not affiliated with filckr.


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