Friday was a long awaited first: The first day that we did not run a heater. Plus as an added bonus we had the window open after dinner. I don't know what temperature it was because the weather stations all said steady wind yet we did not have any.

Saturday was Independence Day here. Since we didn't want to go in to town for the parade this year the biggest impact on us was having the bakery closed for an extra day. The photo was actually taken on Oxi Day last year--another story for another time.

My newsletter friend Jayne wrote a bit about the Greek prejudices that we experience here. I will repeat here:

A word from Jayne:
Today is Greek Independence day

Anyone who has been reading Gadzooks for a while will know that every year there's a mass war started due to many non-Greeks reaching the top of their class at school. When you are the 'top student' you have the honour of carrying the Greek flag in front of your year in today's parade.
However because of so many foreign students now in Greek schools (especially Albanians) there is a great chance (as in previous years) that the top student will be a non-Greek.
And the arguments begin.
Between parents and 'the A student'
Between school kids and the A student'
Between hubby and me!
My argument is that our kids should not carry the flag if an Albanian (born and raised in Greece) can't. My kids are 1/2 English. Apparently that doesn't come into it. Their father is Greek - oh that's alright then. And if their father was English and their mother Greek? Then according to narrow minded individuals (hubby included) they shouldn't carry the flag. OK so Independence from Turks on 25th March .... can my friends son who is 1/2 Turkish carry the flag? His father's Greek. .... Yes ...... if his father was Turkish and mother Greek? ..... No. What if on the 28th October (Parade from the Greeks 'NO' to Italians (Mussolini) Can my friend's daughter carry the flag - her mum's Italian? .... Yes ..... and if her father was Italian .... No! ~ but surely there's the 'mother tongue' bit ~~~~ oh and then we got on to the 'if the father was Greek and the mother black? Of course they can't carry the flag ..... why? .... well it wouldn't look right ..... I rest my case!
And so on until my blood is boiling!
All this makes no sense to me .... at all! It also breeds hatred and racism from ignorant parents - where there was none between students. As for the article above about better understanding of foreign students in school .... whoever wrote that wasn't standing behind the mothers in Natalia's school on the first day, when they were dividing the largest class into 2.
Much to the joy of the mother in front of me, they put all the Albanian children in one class and the 'Greek' students in another. She shared her joy of not having a foreigner in her daughter's class who could slow down her daughter's progress. Not one to shy away from a fight - I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed out that my daughter did not have two Greek parents and should I have her moved? Red faced she said that Natalia's father was Greek and therefore would not hold the other children back as my 'genius' GREEK hubby will indeed spend his afternoons tutoring his beloved GREEK daughter! Anyone who knows hubby will be laughing themselves silly over this! Natalia is doing very well at school - without hubby's help (in fact his spelling ability was hindrance rather than help! .... but he is a manual worker and never said he was a genius!)
The 'lady' now treats me with great care when she sees me - in fact we were at the same kids party the other week - hubby was with me (who she knows well) and she stuttered over her words as to 'foreigners etc' - until hubby pointed out that I do all the work with Natalia and not him! hehe - enjoyed that!
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