Well the eclipse was a bit of a bust. First we had the time of day wrong. The official notices were in UT time, whatever that is. We had been told by a friend that it would be 10:47 at it's height; it turned out to be 13:47.

Second, we had a partly cloudy day so that the light was dimming and brightening all day. For 20 minutes or so around the eclipse peak the daylight filtered to a strange color, something like caused by a summer rain cloud. Then it brightened again. So we decided we couldn't tell the difference between an eclipse and a rain cloud.

Ho hum. What does tomorrow bring?


At March 30, 2006 2:42 AM Chana said...

I'm sorry it was a bust. The news over here did extensive coverage on it. About what great business it brings and how there is sitll much fear and supersticions surrounding such a heavenly event.


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