One of the little known features of Paros is the Aegean Wildlife Hospital, one of two in Greece. Founded in 1995 and funded entirely by donations it has had a very successful history of treating and releasing mammals, reptiles and birds.

Because of Paros’ position on a major bird migratory route between Africa and Europe the hospital receives a large number of wounded or exhausted birds. Of course injured animals are sent here from other Greek and Mediterranean locations as well. Olympic Airlines and the ferry companies have been most cooperative with free shipping.

The hospital depends completely on volunteer help including local veterinarians and the Paros Clinic (people’s hospital) donates the use of some equipment and supplies. There is limited residential accommodation at the hospital for visiting vets and other volunteers.

Animals which are injured too seriously to be released are boarded on the hospital grounds in as close to their natural environment as possible. Euthanasia is only used in extreme cases.

As any charitable and volunteer organization the Aegean Wildlife Hospital is always in needs of funds and volunteers. Please consider this opportunity to give something back to the island that has given “the best holiday ever” to so many people.

For current information e-mail

If you find an injured wild bird

Immobilize it by throwing a large cloth over it
Find an adequately sized cardboard box and poke air holes in it
Keep the animal away from your face, place it carefull in the box and close it well
Place the box in a warm, quiet, dark and safe place. (Never leave it outside the house. Injured animals have a unique ability to escape)
Call the hospital immediately to receive instructions on first aid and ways of sending the animal.
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At March 31, 2006 9:03 PM Chana said...

Our zoo in town has a rehab center as well...they do great job. I'm glad so many are willing to lend a hand to our beautiful realize that someday i'll have to come and visit your end of the world. I wish your govt realized what a great job you do in promoting your beautiulf Greece....

...thaks for the nice comment...i would love the floating rock/turtle...i'll fight for it on ebay or just pay through paypal....


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