Despite my best intentions I have not been able to post regularly to this blog.  But I frequently see other articles and photos that I think will be interesting to my readers.  Here they are:

Shadows, light and dark contrasts; Guinness from Ireland on a Greek island veranda with bougainvillea; what conflicts are depicted here?

Aah, but I am in the picture and know many, but not all, of the cultural forces at play.  On the surface I am celebrating Arthur Guinness Day (24 September) at my home in Greece.  Am I squinting at the sun or grimacing because I know that in about one month I will be leaving the island sunshine for the rain that brings the forty shades of green to Ireland.

The laid back lifestyle that I had been living on Paros for the previous ten years is scientifically proven to promote longevity.  Yet everyone who has ever dwelled on a small island through the long winter knows that island fever can drive a person mad.  Each year this island seemed to get smaller and smaller and my winter trips to the outside world such as Christmas in Prague became more exciting.  So now I had decided that the Irish people’s joy of life would replace my Greek neighbors who seemed to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

Someone looking into this lifestyle from the world of gainful employment in their home country might think: “So what’s the problem?”  But to someone who has left behind their roots after 50 years in one state, the conflicting pulls of family, security and comfort speaking your native language versus adventure, discovery, culture shock and making do on a small pension create countless dilemmas.

One of which is should I be drinking a heavy stout in light lager weather?

This was written as a Writer's Group assignment.  One of the countless activities available in Prague.

I have written before about the trials and tribulations of watching TV on a small Greek island. Now with internet streaming that is mostly obsolete.

For a few years now we have been using FilmOn to catch our favourite shows.  They have over 200 live TV channels from around the world--for free at standard definition.  You can pay for high definition or video on demand and other special events.  We have only been disappointed a couple times; the first being the World Cup--that was not available for free. But that was alright because it is more fun to watch at a taverna anyway.

Recently FilmOn started an affiliate program that I signed up for. So if you would like to help support our global nomad lifestyle, check them out

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P.S.  Now for our private villa rentals on Paros:  Browse the selection

Golden Beach in September
Through my own experience and what I have read from other commentators September is the best combination of sunny weather without high winds, warm sea water, low crowds and open facilities. So don't wait any longer; come to Greece now!

If you are not the spontaneous type now is also a good time to plan for 2015.  Most accommodation providers had a good year in 2014 and are now taking bookings for next year.  So popular places and dates will go early.  See our private villa collection for one, two, three, or four bedroom villas

The big event in my personal Paros life is our painting workshop in June 2015.  Any and all painters are welcome for a first class experience with instructor Crystal Beshara

Finally, yoga workshops on Greek islands are becoming more and more popular.  Now is the time to talk to your yoga instructor about escorting a group to Greece.  We make all the arrangements; they do all the yoga.

Paros yoga retreat on boat trip
September Yoga Retreat

My favourite source of up-to-date information about Greece travel is About Greece Travel by deTraci Regula.  Here are a few recent items from her newsletter.

Greece Resumes International Train Service:
Love trains? International train service to and from Greece will resume starting May 10th, with big discounts on tickets. The cross-border connections into the Balkans were a casualty of the... Read more
Waiting for Greece train to Turkey border.

Good news - the Minoan Collection at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is now open to the public. While the museum opened late last year after roof repairs were finally completed, the Minoan Collection was the last holdout - and, of course, it's the main reason most visitors go to the museum. Now it is back in renewed glory.  Here's a chance to think way ahead - into 2015. 

The X80 - Va Va Voom:
Check out the newest Express bus line. I do worry that Piraeus's excellent Archaeological Museum and Nautrical Museum may suffer since travelers may not be as "stuck" in Piraeus, but it makes it a lot easier for travelers to get into the heart of Athens and visit the Acropolis and other key sites.

More about the Piraeus Archaeological Museum:    


Editorial comment from Michael:  We have often spent evenings and/or mornings in Piraeus between flight and ferry connections and never considered ourselves "stuck".  Once you get away from the port and explore the yacht harbor areas you will find much of beauty and interest.  Cheers
Pireaus church

Please comment or send photo of what you have enjoyed in Pireaus.

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