My favourite source of up-to-date information about Greece travel is About Greece Travel by deTraci Regula.  Here are a few recent items from her newsletter.

Greece Resumes International Train Service:
Love trains? International train service to and from Greece will resume starting May 10th, with big discounts on tickets. The cross-border connections into the Balkans were a casualty of the... Read more
Waiting for Greece train to Turkey border.

Good news - the Minoan Collection at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is now open to the public. While the museum opened late last year after roof repairs were finally completed, the Minoan Collection was the last holdout - and, of course, it's the main reason most visitors go to the museum. Now it is back in renewed glory.  Here's a chance to think way ahead - into 2015. 

The X80 - Va Va Voom:
Check out the newest Express bus line. I do worry that Piraeus's excellent Archaeological Museum and Nautrical Museum may suffer since travelers may not be as "stuck" in Piraeus, but it makes it a lot easier for travelers to get into the heart of Athens and visit the Acropolis and other key sites.

More about the Piraeus Archaeological Museum:    


Editorial comment from Michael:  We have often spent evenings and/or mornings in Piraeus between flight and ferry connections and never considered ourselves "stuck".  Once you get away from the port and explore the yacht harbor areas you will find much of beauty and interest.  Cheers
Pireaus church

Please comment or send photo of what you have enjoyed in Pireaus.


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