Kolimbithres in April
Spring on Paros was early this year with plentiful flowers blooming by the field full.  Now Easter Week is well underway kicking off the tourist season.  Of course the weather is mostly warm and sunny (61F/17C) except for a few showers today and tomorrow.

Unless you are already on Paros or on the way there it is too late to enjoy the authentic Greek experiences of Easter for this year.  So I would like to whet your appetite for next year.  Easter in Greece is like no other country. It is the major holiday of the year. While based on the religious calendar it is centered around food and drink.  Read my 2014 article on Opinions Post.

If you want more, here is our account from 2006.  Or search this blog for several other posts on the holiday and the season.  If you would like a personalized package of accommodation, event guide and lamb barbecue with a local Greek family, contact me.

P.S.  I have often preached that it is a crime against humanity to visit Greece without seeing the Parthenon.  For those who have not yet made the trip here is unique interactive helicopter tour:  http://greece.greekreporter.com/2013/11/18/the-parthenon-like-you-ve-never-seen-it-before/

For those who would like to know more about all the major antiquity sites of ancient Greece tour my web site www.Visit-Ancient-Greece.com



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