Another year, another January:  Now is the time to plan your summer vacation/holiday while the best choices are available.

But how do you chose the best accommodation for yourself, your partner, your family, your group? Here are a few tips and guidelines.

First a few definitions.  These are from Greece but apply many places, I believe. 
     Room:  standard hotel size.  I don't recommend for more than two nights stay.
     Studio:  room with kitchenette --  with emphasis on the ette, as in itty bitty.  Usually very minimally equipped; the advantage is having a refrigerator for cold drinks.  However, if you want to cook a meal ask your host for the correct utensils; they can usually round them up from other units.
     Apartment:  studio with separate bedroom -- not necessary more spacious.  Some apartments will have a small kitchen.
     Villa:  Apartment with more rooms --  may be part of complex or free standing.  Should have full kitchen.  Many people ask for a villa close to town centre but this is rare as economics dictate smaller spaces when close in.

By the way ignore descriptions that say the like of  "500 meters to the beach".  Landlords nearly always lie; as it was explained to me:  "No one would come if we said it was farther away."  Also consider the cost of transport when comparing locations.  A nice apartment within an easy walk of public transportation may be more relaxing than a villa that requires driving everywhere.

The main advantage of hiring a villa is that for families and groups you get more space and lower cost per person.  A large, well furnished house for six persons will nearly always cost less than a full service hotel per week.  Of course, it depends upon your travel style whether you want or need the maid service and front desk that a hotel provides.

One of the many changes that the internet has brought to travel planning is the ability to browse and see photos of the millions of choices available.  A good place to start is our collection of private villa rentals on Paros.  We also provide low cost rooms and studios right on the beach in Aliki and Parikia.

For any other place in the world one of the better internet sites is VillaRenters.

Finally feel free to email us with any specific questions about Greece accommodations.


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