As I wrote earlier we hosted the Paros Yoga Retreat in mid-September.  I judge it successful because we frequently heard the comment, "It doesn't get any better than this!"  Stella at Margarita Studios quickly became everyone's favorite "mom" because she took such great care of us.  Every meal time was full of fake moaning and groaning about the quantity and quality of the choices available.  As usual on Paros, we could taste the freshness of the locally grown ingredients.

The morning yoga sessions led by Bram Levinson were the start of days full of activities and serious beach time.  After a sampling of  several beaches, each person chose their favorite for frequent visits. The highlight of the tours and activities, if not the whole retreat, was the Antiparos boat trip with Captain Ben.  That boat rocked!

For nightlife the group either had a spontaneous party at our taverna or broke into smaller groupings for shopping or nightclubbing in nearby Naoussa, Paro's upscale town.

For me it was a real pleasure to be surrounded by consistently happy, positive people. Everyone was able to put aside their pressures from back home and focus on enjoying the pleasure of a Greek isle.

For the yoga viewpoint I will refer you to Bram's blog.
"This retreat has been a really special one, in much different ways than previous ones. This group was the first to want to be together almost all the time. This group was the first to express the desire to have the classes brought to an intermediate level. And this group was the first that saw three people stay for the first week, and three more come for the last 4-5 days. Regardless of all of that, this group wasn't completely unique to past ones, as once again, a fantastic group of like-minded souls came together from different spots around the globe to bask in the soul-stirring energy that is only found in Greece."
           Read more from Bram


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